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BIOLASE Epic X Laser

We have a laser revolution going on at Harmony Dental Care and we wanted to share the exciting news.

The BIOLASE Diode Epic X Laser has been added to our tools to not only make you more comfortable during a procedure (instead of listening to and feeling the traditional dental drill), but it takes less time to finish, healing time is quicker, and it can help keep your overall mouth healthy.

A very versatile and advanced dental tool, the Epic X is perfect for cleaning teeth and gums, with its ability to gently remove oral bacteria from soft and hard tissues by combining laser energy and atomized water, sterilizing the area at the same time to prevent post-treatment infections.

How the Epic X Works

The Epic X can also be utilized to remove cavities and help fillings to bond, while not affecting adjacent teeth because of its precision.

It can also be used to whiten the outer layers of the teeth, the enamel and dentin, without removing any more than is necessary to reduce discoloration, due to its accuracy. With this laser technique, you can achieve your whitening goals in as little as 20 minutes.

Alleviating the Causes of Dental Pain

Utilizing the combination of technologies the BIOLASE Diode Epic X Laser provides, we can even alleviate the causes of temporary dental pain, such as the dysfunction of the hinges connecting your lower jaw to the skull (known as temporomandibular or TMJ). These can get out of place (aka TMJ Disorder) and you may find it hard to even open and close your mouth (you can feel the TMJ connections if you put your fingers in front of both lower earlobes when you do this, when you will probably also hear a popping sound if they have been dislocated).

A Gentle, Versatile Technology

Because the Epic X is so gentle, versatile, precise, and effective, in most cases no anesthetic is necessary, but we do offer a variety of options, such as a topical numbing application or a local injection or you can choose to take a mild pain pill (however, this requires that you have someone drive you home after treatment). 

A final benefit of the Epic X is that because it is so thorough in eliminating periodontal bacteria from even entering the body, it is likely that you will not need to come in so often to have your dental hygienist do a cleaning, assuming you continue to be thorough in your brushing and flossing.

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