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Do You Have Extra Wisdom Teeth?


If you’ve visited a dentist, you’re probably familiar with wisdom teeth. These molars commonly appear between the ages of 17 and 25, serving as the final set. However, individuals don’t always develop four wisdom teeth. Some may have a surplus, leading to potential problems if ignored. Here, you will get to know what extra wisdom teeth entail, how to identify them, and appropriate measures to remedy the situation.

Do You Have Extra Wisdom Teeth?

What do we mean by extra wisdom teeth?

Supernumerary teeth, or “extra wisdom teeth,” are molars that exceed the typical four found in most individuals. While four wisdom teeth typically develop in each corner of the mouth, some individuals may see additional molars that are either fully formed or partially erupted. These additional teeth are not restricted to the wisdom tooth region and can grow in various sizes and shapes in both the upper and lower jaw. There are small conical supernumerary teeth, while others are bigger and more intricate.

How do you know if you have extra wisdom teeth?

The best method to determine whether you have extra wisdom teeth is to pay a visit to your dentist for an examination. Your dentist will capture X-ray images of your mouth to uncover hidden teeth. Nonetheless, there are some clues that suggest the presence of additional wisdom teeth, such as discomfort in the rear end of your mouth, inflammation or reddening around your gums, impaired mouth opening, and halitosis or a disagreeable taste in your oral cavity.

What problems do extra wisdom teeth cause?

Extra wisdom teeth may result in many problems if not addressed properly. For instance, they may shift your teeth out of their proper alignment, thus creating crowding and crookedness. Additionally, they can be challenging to clean well, which raises your chances of gum disease and cavities. In the worst scenarios, extra wisdom teeth might cause cysts and infections.

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How to deal with extra wisdom teeth

The good news is that if you have extra wisdom teeth, your dentist can assist. Typically, the optimal solution is to have them extracted. This is a prevalent method that can be conducted in your dentist’s office using local anesthesia. Your dentist will make a minor cut in your gums to get to the tooth and extract it. Subsequently, some discomfort and inflammation may be encountered, but most individuals recover in a matter of days.

Why Prompt Treatment is Essential for a Healthy Smile

It is very important to keep your oral health in check if you want to present a confident, attractive smile. Ignoring any discomfort or pain in the back of your mouth should be a big no. Consult your dental expert without delay, who in turn can diagnose the problem and suggest treatments to prevent any further potential complications.

Early detection and management of extra wisdom teeth can prevent orthodontic complications, avoid overcrowding, and promote a healthy and attractive smile for the future. Prioritize your dental health as it is an investment in your overall well-being. Don’t let extra wisdom teeth get in your way.

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