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My Dental Implant is Chipped. What Can I Do?


Have you noticed a chip or cavity in your dental implant? Don’t panic! While you may worry about losing your prosthetic tooth, a prompt trip to the dentist will ensure your smile is restored as quickly and efficiently as possible. In this article, we explore the steps you should take after chipping a dental implant and how the experts at Harmony Dental of West Covina can repair any damage.

Contact Your Dentist

Schedule an appointment with your dentist, who will assess the extent of the damage and order diagnostic tests such as X-rays. Try to provide an idea of how the implant was chipped, as this information could help the dentist with diagnosis and treatment plans.

Prevent Further Damage

Your dentist may not solve the problem straight away, especially if the chip is minor and doesn’t require urgent surgery. As such, you must avoid making the problem worse by eating hard foods or biting down on solid objects. Take it easy and eat soft meals such as soup wherever possible.

Treatment Options

Your dentist will discuss your treatment options based on the extent of the damage and your overall dental health. If the chip is small and limited to the prosthetic tooth, they may recommend conservative treatments, such as applying dental bonding materials or smoothing sharp edges. If the chip is more extensive, they may recommend replacing the prosthetic tooth or even the entire implant. Replacing an implant will require surgery, and you will need to follow the post-operative care procedures your dentist prescribes.

If your dental implant is chipped, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly dentists as soon as possible. We’ll accurately assess the damage and restore your smile using appropriate treatments that suit your needs and lifestyle.

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