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Questions to Expect at Your Next Dental Exam


At Harmony Dental of West Covina, we believe in offering personalized and thorough care to each of our patients. Part of this process involves asking key questions during dental exams, ensuring that we gather all the necessary information about your oral health, and addressing any concerns or goals you may have. So, what questions can you expect at your next dental exam with us?

Why Are You Visiting Today?

We’ll begin by asking why you’re visiting. This might seem simple, but it’s a vital question. Are you here for a routine check-up or experiencing any issues? You may have a specific goal, such as teeth whitening or alignment correction. Sharing your reasons helps us tailor our services to your unique needs.

Have You Noticed Any Changes in Your Oral Health?

Before conducting the exam, we’d like to know if you’ve been experiencing any issues like tooth sensitivity, pain, or gum bleeding. Your firsthand experience can provide crucial insights, allowing us to focus on specific areas and diagnose accurately.

When Was Your Last Dental Visit?

Understanding your dental history is essential in providing the best care. Suppose it’s been a while since your last dental cleaning. In that case, we might recommend a deep cleaning session to eliminate accumulated plaque and tartar, even if you’ve maintained a consistent oral care routine.

Can You Describe Your Daily Oral Care Regimen?

We’re always interested in your oral hygiene practices at home. Maintaining a good routine between dental visits involving brushing, flossing, and possibly other aspects, such as mouthwash or interdental brushes. We can offer suggestions for improvement based on your current regimen.

Do You Have Any Cosmetic Goals?

At Harmony Dental, we’re not just about health – we also want you to love your smile. We’re here to guide you if you’re considering cosmetic improvements. From teeth whitening to veneers, we have various options to enhance your smile’s aesthetics.

Always keep in mind that we ask these questions to work together with you in maintaining your oral health. The more we know about your dental habits and concerns, the better we can personalize your treatment and prevention plans. We sincerely desire to make you feel at ease and in charge of your dental health journey.

So, if you’re in the West Covina area and considering a dental exam, Harmony Dental is here to help. Schedule your appointment today and join us in our mission to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. For more information, visit us.

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