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Tooth Extractions

While very few people are pleased at the prospect of a tooth extraction, we may suggest that you have a tooth extracted if it has fallen victim to severe tooth decay, is impacted, or is otherwise malfunctioning. We also generally recommend that wisdom teeth be extracted before they erupt and cause extensive mouth problems. 
The process of tooth extraction does not last long, and you should not feel pain during the procedure. We have different numbing and sedation methods available to keep you comfortable during the procedure. After you go home, you may be prescribed medication to relieve pain.  When the extraction site heals, we can replace missing teeth with a bridge, implant, or denture, if necessary.

Tooth Extractions

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We can perform tooth extractions on children and adults, whether the reason for the extraction is severe decay, wisdom tooth eruption, overcrowding, or anything else. Let us have a look at your mouth and see if extraction is necessary. We’ll put your comfort first and do everything we can to make the procedure as easy as possible. Book An Appointment Today

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