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Extractions & Preservation


Extractions & Preservation

We want to make sure that your teeth remain healthy throughout your entire life. There are instances that your teeth might require removal. Removal procedures may be necessary to treat wisdom teeth, other teeth, or crowded teeth. Sometimes, extraction is required to treat severe dental issues, for example, missing or decayed teeth. To figure out the most appropriate treatment plan, we’ll talk with you to determine your specific needs. Minor surgeries aren’t something patients would like to undergo, but the modern methods are more efficient and safe. Sometimes, despite the best intentions, it’s essential to take out teeth. Whatever your circumstance is, we will be able to carry out minor surgeries in a way that meets both your immediate and longer-term needs. We’ll consider every aspect of your situation, including anxiety management to the planning of dental replacement.

Extractions & Preservation


Sometimes, despite the ideal intentions, there is a need to take out teeth. No matter what the situation is, we can perform minor surgeries in a way that meets both your immediate and long-term requirements. We’ll consider all aspects of your situation, starting with anxiety control and dental scheduling replacement.

Extractions & Preservation

Root canals

Many patients have to worry about root canals. Modern dentistry makes this easy and fast. Sealers can be used for filling in gaps between teeth in danger of falling out. It is a safe and efficient way to resolve a problem.

Extractions & Preservation

Oral Surgery

Sometimes minor surgical procedures are necessary to address dental problems. Sometimes, it is essential to repair bone and supporting gum tissue defects using simple surgical techniques.

Extractions & Preservation


Your teeth’s bone is essential because it serves a specific purpose and cannot be replaced if it becomes damaged. Your teeth must be supported and functionally function correctly without this bony foundation. These defects can be corrected with bone grafting materials.

Extractions & Preservation

Wisdom teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth that cause pain or infection are a sign you need to seek treatment. However, some problems can slowly develop without you being aware. You should have your wisdom teeth checked regularly by a panoramic x-ray if you are an adult.

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