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An overdenture is a dental prosthesis that can replace multiple missing teeth or even an entire arch. Dr. Rad, a West Covina dentist, ensures that the restoration matches the color and shine of your natural teeth, making it difficult to distinguish from your original smile. What sets an overdenture apart is that it fits “over” any remaining natural teeth or dental implants, making it a unique solution for tooth loss. To make the right decision when choosing a quality prosthesis, it’s important to explore other denture options available to you.

How does it Work?

One of the most commonly used restorations for lost teeth is a removable full denture. These prosthetics are typically made of durable materials such as acrylic and metal, with a pink base that blends in with your natural gums. Full dentures rely on suction and an adhesive compound to remain in place, but they can be prone to wobbling and shifting.

Am I a Candidate?

For individuals missing several teeth, partial dentures may be a viable option. These artificial teeth fit snugly between your remaining teeth and rely on metal clasps to stay in place. Dr. Rad and the team at Harmony Dental Care can create partial dentures that perfectly match the color and shine of your natural teeth, making them an excellent option for restoring partial tooth loss.

Another option for replacing missing teeth is an implant-supported overdenture. This type of overdenture is supported by dental implants, which are restorations that replace tooth roots. The dental implants are placed by a doctor using surgical-grade titanium in the jawbone, providing a life-like stability that is unmatched by other restorations.

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